Handy Crafts.

Here are some handy crafts that have been made this year and recently.

Handloom Weaving Tools.

These are handy for portable handheld looms that fit in your hand.

The tools are light and feel comfortable to use.

Nicely shaped,rounded,flat and nice looking.


Below is a Pushstick,if you enjoy wood work and you have a table saw you will need one of these.

I made this one and some more recently from pine.

Fits snugly in your hand and keeps your hands safe away from the blade.

Picture/Note Stands.

With Rustic and Safety in Mind,i made these for standing pictures or photo’s and notes.

You can just pop them in the nice rounded grooves and if you change your mind and fancy a different one,it’s easy to do,quick and easy.

Plant Stand Rustic Coaster.

Made from garden friendly slats and with rounded off edges and curves,these can be
used any where,in the garden,home,shed where ever you like.

And they look fab,natural looking with a friendly Finnish.

More recent crafts and upto date Crafts will be coming soon.

Myworld on lline


Myworld-online.net has lots of pictures and videos of Nature,as well as useful web Links and More.

Upcycling and Handmade items.


Nature Close up on Bees,Flowers.


Downloads Link for Art.

If you like Colour and unusual shapes,you might like my custom Art,more will keep appearing.


More Video’s coming soon and Pictures.