Weaving Tools and Portable Loom.


Welcome to a new year 2018.

To start the new year in crafting i have started to make a Portable Loom with Weaving Tools.

I started to make the Portable Loom with what i had available and what i thought may look
nice and appealing.

Picture Framing sprung to mind,with it’s curvered rounded edges,it fits nicely in the hand.

The base of the Portable Loom with Pine Feet,gives it room to weave in and out,i have’nt finnished off sanding yet,more attention to detail to follow.

Above i have also started on some weaving tools,not finnished yet,more work to do in
sanding and shaping.

More work to do and more photo’s to follow soon.

Myworld on lline


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Nature Close up on Bees,Flowers.


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More Video’s coming soon and Pictures.