Colour,Nature and Art.

Time to doodle and by doodle i mean Drawing with colour and bold colour.

Below are some colourful pictures i started doing just to see some colour.

Colour can have an impact on our moods and they pave the way as to how we feel in our every day lives.

im not an expert on drawing or painting and you don’t have to be.

Colour and shape don’t have to be perfect as long as you are enjoying what you are doing and you like the end result.

The picture above shows a design of flowers,they don’t resemble any flower that i know of but show of a bold and colourful flower and that was my aim.

Very bold and colourful to lift the spirit and especially at this time of year when winter is upon us.

I enjoy Nature and i have many pictures of flowers in my Gallery to brighten your mood,you can view them full screen,Click the Link Here.

As well as my Gallery their are some Custom Art with Vibrant Colour and Shapes,some are
made from flowers blended into each otger to create colourful patterns,i am currently creating
more at the moment,Click the Link Here.

Colour and it’s Benefits.

Colour can affect our mood and how we feel,but did you know that it can have an affect
on your Chakra.

Your Chakra balance’s the body and it’s energy.

When you feel unwell it because their is an inbalance in the Chakra.

Energy levels in the body depend on the Chakra working efficiently.

Their are many ways of correcting your Chakra and Colour is one of them.

Colour Therapy.

The website below Chakra in Colour and very colourful it is to,goes on in more detail about colour and explains the Benefits of Colour,Click the Link Here.

Take a look at this beautful picture of flowers,adds impact of so many colours,picture this in your home,add some Colour and Nature to uplift your spirit.

Another Colouful Flower and this one is a closeup on a tulip.

The pictures of flowers are from my Gallery taken in Richmond,i enjoy taking pictures because of the inspiration colours they provide.

Website Update.

I am currently updating so keep checking the website.

More Art Coming Soon.

Go on and start doodling and have fun.

Myworld on lline has lots of pictures and videos of Nature,as well as useful web Links and More.

Upcycling and Handmade items.

Nature Close up on Bees,Flowers.!home

Downloads Link for Art.

If you like Colour and unusual shapes,you might like my custom Art,more will keep appearing.

More Video’s coming soon and Pictures.