Bird Cake,Quick and Easy.

Winter can be harsh for most of us,but right now,birds need our help in feeding with food being difficult to find.

Below is our Bird Table full of Seed and Birds love it.

If you don’t have any Bird Beed or Fatballs then try this quick easy Bird Cake from the RSPB.

Here is the Link to the RSPB and it shows you step by step in Colour Picture’s.

RSPB Link to making a quick Bird Cake,Click Here.

A Easy Bird Cake,and fun for kids to get involved.

The RSPB Website is fun packed and full of helpful information on all wildlife in and around your garden.

You can learn so much from here and pass your knowledge onto children and inspire them to look after nature,everyone can get involved.

From the Kitchen you can use:

I have Checked on line else where for the foods below and are good for the birds and watching them enjoy is rewarding.

Porridge Oats.
Fruit like an Apple,chopped in to quarter pieces or smaller.
Seeds used in everyday cooking.
Peanut Butter Fatball(basic Peanut Butter)
Grated Cheese.

The Picture above is a used Cocunut Shell filled with Peanut Butter,you can insert Suet with Rasins or Currants,or any other fruit,such as an apple chopped up.

You can buy Bird Cake that comes allready prepared to insert into a feeder,like the one below.

Essential for the birds also is fresh water,with out water in the winter the birds can’t drink or bathe themselves to clean their feathers,you can any container or a cocunut shell halved.

Here is a link to a really handy website on how to make Bird Feeders from anything around the home and upcycle items,very inspiring and good for the birds.

Hope you enjoy feeding the Birds.

HappyHooligans is full of ideas,take a look here,by clicking the Link.

Myworld on lline has lots of pictures and videos of Nature,as well as useful web Links and More.

Upcycling and Handmade items.

Nature Close up on Bees,Flowers.!home

Downloads Link for Art,Nice Art.

If you like Colour and unusual shapes,you might like my custom Art,more will keep appearing.

More Video’s coming soon and Pictures.