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Grab Life & Enjoy.

Life,Nature,Travel. Posted on Wed, June 20, 2018 21:39:05

Grab Life & Enjoy.

It has been a while since i last did a post,please accept my apologies.

I will be uploading regular posts,service has resumed.

To start of with,you know i love Colour,Nature and writing Articles,i am to start the ball rolling going to recap on some of my favourite Nature Pictures and add a splash of Colour.

This beauty was taken in Richmond,what an eye poping splash of Colour this is.
Colour can make you feel good with all the warmth and feelings that fill your eyes with Natures

Golden Sunshine Yellow,great for Stimulating the Mind and encouraging energy.

Nice Art,Prints,Downloads.

Life,Nature,Travel. Posted on Thu, February 15, 2018 14:10:15

Nice Art,Prints,Downloads.

Colourful Art can inspire,heal and promote a positive attitude to your wellbeing.

It can harmonise the Spirit and re-energise you.

On my Nice Art Blog i have Nature and Colourful Prints you can Buy or Download.

They offer you a Connection with Nature for within the Home,you can Splash about on your wall and some Colour as well.

https://downloads.myworld-online.netFlowers and Lots of Colour can give impact to your Home.

Sunshine from Flowers,a Refreshing Picture of Summer in a Print.

Dafodil’s,what a Burst of Sunshine,they can brighten any day and uplift your Mood.

Take A Walk in your Local Community and Picture Scene’s like this,or Buy this Print for your home and create a Nature Theme on your Wall.

Their are more. in my Nice Art Shop at

More will keep Coming each week,also Crafts will be added soon to the Shop.

A4 Prints can be Mix and Match which can suit your Personality.

Take a look at

Myworld on lline has lots of pictures and videos of Nature,as well as useful web Links and More.

Upcycling and Handmade items.

Nature Close up on Bees,Flowers.!home

Downloads Link for Art,Nice Art.

If you like Colour and unusual shapes,you might like my custom Art,more will keep appearing.

More Video’s coming soon and Pictures.


Life,Nature,Travel. Posted on Tue, February 06, 2018 19:48:59


Time for a Walk.

Walking is good for you and just 10 minutes per day can give your body and mind a boost.

While you are out walking you can see nice scenerys such as the
picture’s below.

Especially at a time when the day is coming to an end.

Winter Time is a time when just about everything goes into hibernation.

Take a walk in the woods or parks and you will se many scenes like
the picture above and below.

Branching out.

Take a look up towards the sky and picture scenes like these,their are no leaves or flowers
growing but trees still have a lot to offer.

The details on show here are tree branches connecting with
each other and are showing different shades of blue,orange,brown with
golden colours from the night drawing in with a sunset.

Wow the Colours are Golden and inviting.

Night Time can bring lots of Colours and Shapes and Siloutes.

You can enjoy winter and Nature if take a Walk.

Feel the fresh air.

More pictures coming soon.

Myworld on lline has lots of pictures and videos of Nature,as well as useful web Links and More.

Upcycling and Handmade items.

Nature Close up on Bees,Flowers.!home

Downloads Link for Art.

If you like Colour and unusual shapes,you might like my custom Art,more will keep appearing.

More Video’s coming soon and Pictures.

Merry Christmas from Myworld.

Life,Nature,Travel. Posted on Tue, December 26, 2017 09:19:30

Merry Christmas from myworld.

Hope you are having a a Merry Christmas and enjoying quality time.

Over the last few Christmas’s i have been updating one of my article’s with info and links,see below the link to Christmas Facts and Links.

If you like Christmas you will like the link,i haven’t updated this year,still lots of info.

Have a Great Christmas.

Myworld on lline has lots of pictures and videos of Nature,as well as useful web Links and More.

Upcycling and Handmade items.

Nature Close up on Bees,Flowers.!home

Downloads Link for Art.

If you like Colour and unusual shapes,you might like my custom Art,more will keep appearing.

More Video’s coming soon and Pictures.

Mobile Phones and your Rights.

Life,Nature,Travel. Posted on Tue, October 17, 2017 13:55:00

Mobile Phones and your Rights.

This Article has been Posted again,My Blog is Slimming down to small catagories,enjoy

Recently my mobile phone
while connected to the Wifi,was rendered useless,i think it was febuary
this year when Bt had network problems and at the same time Talktalk
reported a Cyber attack,my phone was connected via the wifi,i pressed
the power button,and it shut down i started it back up,and this time it
shut itself down and now is caught in a logo loop.

I tryed the
usual steps which was volume and power button pressed then release power
button but keep volume down button still pressed,this brings up the
restore to default screen and follow steps.

I did this and restarted,did’nt do anything,i recently learned this wont work because the firmware is missing.

Oh dear.

advice i found out was that if your phone is out of warranty,you can
claim with the retailer is the phone is not fit for purpose.

This will be the route i will go down.

More advice that may help anyone having problems is a website from Which.

Which know your rights.

I had a good read and the website confirms everything i found out.

It’s a good read and to know your Rights.

More about me

Arts and Crafts.

Life,Nature,Travel. Posted on Tue, October 10, 2017 21:33:43

Arts and Crafts.

Art and Craft Fair 2017.

Crafting,lots of people are doing crafting these days,it is a lot of fun and you learn so much about yourself and new skills.

Crafting is becoming more popular than ever,i enjoy crafting because of the end result of an idea i have,being creative in crafting helps to release my energy and i focus better as i am making something.

The kind of crafts i like doing include a variety such as Nature Prints such as Flowers,Bees and Buildings surrounded by Nature.

Nature Prints:

These sold well this year at our local Craft Fair all vibrant in colour.

Candle Holders:

Candle Holders also i make these which are handmade from scratch with my trusty chisel and hammer,you get so much satisfaction seeing something develop from scratch.

Candle holders are so cosy and inviting they can come in many styles,i make them from pine as this shows of a warm glow when finished with danish oil.

Woodworking has always been waiting to be unleashed ever since i started at school in the early eighties,i have never forgotten about the skills i learnt,they just need to be perfected and thats part of the fun.

Their are many websites to learn about woodworking and youtube is one of them.

You can learn so much from youtube,it has everything,i could give you some links but it depends on what you are interested in because it is so vast.

Weaving Tools/Coaster/Plant Stands,Photo Stands:

I also make weaving tools which are doing well on ebay as well as Coaster/Plant Stands and Picture and Photo Stands for poping 6×4 pictures in or notes.

Weaving Tools,Various Sizes.

Photo Stand/Note Stand.

You can see some of these on my webpage at as well as everything mentioned here.

To see more of my Crafts take a look at my upcycling page their are more Crafty items with details,if you would like anything made feel free to contact me at for more information.


Cosy and Calming,Candles,Tealights

Life,Nature,Travel. Posted on Mon, October 02, 2017 19:25:32

Cosy and Calming,Candles,Tealights.

It’s October and the winter months are looming.

It’s good to unwind and relax at the end of the day and why not,it is good for you and helps to retune the mind and body and get it back into sync again,ready for the next day.

Candles are so relaxing and the way they flicker and wave side to side,no wonder people use them to meditate with,they have a hypnotic affect on you which sends the mind into a relaxed state if you focus long enough,best to choose a quite time of day or best yet when it’s dark and you can gaze at the candle with out any daylight.


By meditating you improve your brain which is a muscle,your brain needs 3 times the amount of Oxygen than your body’s muscle’s,meditating improves your breathing and is more smoother,you improve on it’s focus and concentration much better.

Candle’s are good for Meditating and the benefits are good for you from something that doesn’t require to much effort.

Candle’s have been around for about 5000 years and it is thought that the Egyptian’s were the first to use candle’s.

If you want to know more about how to meditate why not take a look at Wikihow,they can show you step by step how to perform Meditation.

Wikihow How to Meditate.

Candle Holders.

Candles need a holder to stand in and shows off the candle at it’s best,especially at night with the lights turned down a glass of wine and some soft music adds to the affect.

I have been busy making Candle holders just like last year at this time,i do have my own style,i like to let the wood direct me on how i will create my holders.

Candles give off so much warmth you could turn off the heating for a while,a group of tealights or a couple of church like candles can give you a lot of heat in your room.

We use candles quite alot,especially birthdays and celebrations and the most wonderful time of the year which is Christmas,candles can offer so much.

Use and respect your candles.

Enjoy. has lots to offer.

Bank Holiday and Time for some Colour

Life,Nature,Travel. Posted on Sat, April 29, 2017 08:50:48

Bank Holiday and Time for some Colour.

Lots of Colour to Brighten your day.

Colour,Flowers and Nature can uplift you and inspire you.

With Bank Holiday here,it’s a good time to take a walk,around you,and take time out.

Fresh air,change of scenery and good for the soul.


Lots of Sunshine here.

Lots of warm’th.

Colour,Vibrancy and Colour,like it.

I hope all this colour has brightened up your Bank Holiday.


Look after Bees,and Nature.

Life,Nature,Travel. Posted on Sun, April 23, 2017 15:54:16

Look after Bees,and Nature.

Bees and Many insects are in decline,we need to look after them help them,especially around the Garden.

For the last 2 years we have left parts of our Garden to Grow Wild,this really helps all Bees.

It won’t take much to do,as Nature will Grow and Take Care of all Life naturally.

Message me or like me on facebook if you like what you see.

More about Bees,please visit my Website at:

Look after Nature,and Nature will look after you,and the Future.

Get out and Enjoy.

Nature Prints 6×4 Lots More Colour.

Life,Nature,Travel. Posted on Sun, April 23, 2017 15:27:23

Nature Prints 6×4 Lots More Colour.

Many Visitors will know i am passionate about Nature,Arts and Crafts.

I love Colour,and Nature Prints can give you a burst of Natural Colour from ,birds,Bees,and everything,That surrounds us.

My Prints all taken from Nature,can give you Lots of Colour in the Home,and get closer to Insects,Flowers and Water and Life Passing us by.

Anyone wishing to buy any Prints,please contact me,for further info,repeated Prints can be provided.

They can alter your mood with Colour and Vibrancy.

Bees,Insects and Flowers let them in your Home,in Printed Form.

6×4 Prints are £1.00 each or if you would like Bulk,please contact for more details.

Message me or like me on facebook if you like what you see.

Enjoy Nature in your Home.

Sunshine and Southpark (Darlington)

Life,Nature,Travel. Posted on Sun, March 26, 2017 09:34:42

Sunshine and Southpark (Darlington)

You can see lots of Nature here in Southpark.

I have taken many photo’s over the years which show many changes.

Southpark grows and shows off it’s Beauty all year round,such as Natural woodland life uto 6ft tall and various shapes and sizes and look so good and lifelike.

Below are some pictures of birds in southpark and they are sight to see.

Long walks,beautiful Scenery and Fresh air.

More pictures like these are in mygallery!album-3

Merry Christmas to Everyone,and Goodwill and Cheer.

Life,Nature,Travel. Posted on Thu, December 22, 2016 17:36:42

Merry Christmas to Everyone,and Goodwill and Cheer.

I hope everyone has a good Christmas and New Year.

I hope all your Dreams Come true for 2017.

God Bless us All.

Merry Christmas.


And Heart.

Enjoy and be Merry.

DIY,Custom Made,Wrapping Paper Ideas.

Life,Nature,Travel. Posted on Wed, November 09, 2016 14:53:09

DIY,Custom Made,Wrapping Paper Ideas.

Looking for ideas on making your own wrapping paper,why not try looking at the website below.

Some good ideas on different styles of how to create your own custom,home made wrapping paper.

Here’s one for you,if you instead of wrapping chips in a newspaper,why not try wrapping gifts in them,a nice crisp newspaper,folded up with a colourful ribbon,the contrast of black and white with a ribbon,such as lime,orange or red,go together and compliment each other.

More ideas check out below.

Wrapping paper ideas/Ebay.

Online Shopping with Supermarkets,Auctions and Compare.

Life,Nature,Travel. Posted on Thu, November 03, 2016 16:18:53

Online Shopping with Supermarkets,Auctions and Compare.

Please Note,Prices were correct at the time and May have Changed.

Online shopping with Supermarkets,Auction Sites and Compare is big business.

Whats so good about it:

If you live in rural village like we do,then sometimes it comes in handy,but not just rural life,everywhere,where ever you are,online shopping is great,it comes in handy.

Such as:

1 An Emergency,where your time is devoted with family and Loved one’s.

2 Floods,these can happen all the time now.

3 Winter,such as Snow and Ice and lack of Roads being Gritted in your Area.

4 Mobility or Lack of Transport,such as no Buses.

5 More quality time with family and friends.

6 On the go in between work,or wherever you are.

Their can be many more situations like the above.

What ever the situation online Shopping is here to help you.

I have put together a website list,that may be of benefit to everyone.

One Last thing,Morrison’s have started online shopping,they may not deliver where you are,just yet.

The List:



Groceries/Asda Online.

Delivery Slots Asda.

Prices start from a £1- £6


Delivery Prices,Morrisons Delivery Prices,Starting from £1- £5.

Groceries,Morrisons Online.


Sainsburys Delivery Slots Start From £1- £6

More about above.

Frequent Questions about Delivery


Groceries,Tesco Online.

Tesco’s Saver Delivery Prices.

Plans start from £2.50 – £6 per month.

Auction Websites.


Ebay i have used Ebay for many years,ever since it started,the money you save,depends on who you buy from,just about everything you need is on Ebay,accept food shopping,their are some items here.

Amazon,has the same and more just like Ebay,such as Amazon Primetime,you can watch Movies,Listen to Music and more.


Independent News and 50 Best online Clothes Shopping Websites.

George at Asda.

Delivery Prices.

Direct Asda online.

Everything Else as well as Clothes.


Argos,one of the biggest online shops for many years and still going strong is now also on


You can buy everything you normally see in their catalog as well as the catalog you can also goto their Clearence website for lots of goodies.

Contact Argos,useful to know and ask questions,.



They compare just about everything online such as Electrical items,jackets,cardigans,under ware,camera’s computers and more.

The Telegraph 20 DIY Stores.

20 DIY Stores,The Telegraph Newspaper online.

The Telegraph has compiled a list of some of the popular DIY Stores from Maxwells,B&Q,Home base,Screw fix and More.

Some of the online shopping websites require you to register.

Also a delivery charge be applied depending on how much you spend.

Some of the Supermarkets may charge you upto £7 per order depending on your order,even if it says time slot price,it may reduce once order has completed.

The above are a selection of the most popular online shopping websites,if anyone knows any more,then please drop me a line.

I enjoy online shopping,and with so much choice and competition,their are bargains and deals for everyone.

I hope the links are of benefit,especially with Christmas around the Corner.

Myworld on lline has lots of pictures and videos of Nature,as well as useful web Links and More.

Upcycling and Handmade items.

Nature Close up on Bees,Flowers.!home

Downloads Link for Art.

If you like Colour and unusual shapes,you might like my custom Art,more will keep appearing.

More Video’s coming soon.

Action Fraud and Cybercrime.

Life,Nature,Travel. Posted on Thu, October 20, 2016 09:14:46

Action Fraud and Cybercrime.

According to Action Fraud UK fraud and cybercrime is costing the public and businesses £11 billion.

Action Fraud and Cybercrime.

According to Action Fraud UK fraud and cybercrime is costing the public and businesses £11 billion.

Fraud comes in many ways such as:

1 Identity fraud and theft.

2 Cybercrime.

3 Corporate fraud.

4 Individual fraud.

And their are many more types of fraud.

Report a Fraud.

To report a fraud take a look at this link

Action Fraud Report Link.

Support and Prevention.

For support and how to prevent fraud please click this link

Action Fraud Support Link.

Action Fraud Website Link

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