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Speed Test for your Broadband.

Computer Tech & Info Posted on Tue, November 01, 2016 14:52:42

Speed Test for your Broadband.

Looking for a speed test for your broadband,check out the broadspeed Speed test from Which Magazine,lots of info on why you may struggle to get a decent speed.

The Speed test is very easy to use by clicking the link near the top,which is highlighted.

This will take you to another page which starts the test.

Broadband Speed Test by which.

Linux,Unix Operating Systems.

Computer Tech & Info Posted on Thu, August 04, 2016 09:33:48

Linux,Unix Operating Systems.

Linux and Unix
Operating Systems are Opensource,which means anyone can have access to
them,Download and Create new versions for everyone to use for free.

Linux and Unix has been around for the last 20 years or more,the popular one’s being Ubuntu and Linux Mint.

Their are many versions of linux and unix.

For instance Linux Os versions include:

Linux Mint.
Dsl,size 50mb.

Their are many
more,to many to mention,but if you are keen to try Linux,and concerned
about leaving windows,don’t be,because you can use Linux Cd’s or Dvd’s
to try before you install.

You will need to Download and burn to a Cd or Dvd.

If you don’t want
to do that,just pop along to Whsmith who have a huge range of Computer
Mags including Linux and look out for front covers with media disks
on,you will pay up to about £6-£7.00 for a Magazine.

Linux gives you the
option to try the distribution on your Laptop or Computer,by inserting
the disk and booting from the media and following the steps.

You may need to go into the bios to change boot prioty.

After the disk has gone through the steps,you will be at the stage where you are in a normal PC Envrioment,the desktop.

You can now use as normal to access the internet,emails and use any software included in the distribution.

The difference between the live version and an installation is you wont have the latest updates.

Linux and Unix
don’t have the vulnerabilities that window uses have such as
viruses,their are some about,but not as many as their is for windows.

That also applies to Unix,hardley any viruses about.

Unix,is the code Apple uses for their Os,as in OSX for Mac Computers,which all started from Darwin,which is Opensource.

Unix Opensource Distributions available are.


And more.

The website below has an exusted list of Distributions from Net installs to Live cd and Installs.

You will see a list arranged and in good order to search and download your specification.


Ofcom Broadband Speed Checker,for your Area.

Computer Tech & Info Posted on Thu, August 04, 2016 08:55:49

Ofcom Broadband Speed Checker,for your Area.

Views may have seen a recent post about testmy net which checks your broadband speed.

Although the website is informative,you may just want to know about Coverage with your postcode.

Ofcom has a Broadband Speed checker to show what speeds you can expect.

Not only does Ofcom check for coverage of your Broadband,they can also check for examples below.

Tv Coverage.

Mobile Phone Coverage.

Digital Radio Coverage.

You will be presented with drop down menus so you can input your details,and then click search.

Before you get to the above,you will need to search your broadband first.

Next you will see a map after scrolling down with Graph Bars and info which applies to your search.

Very helpful if you are thinking about moving or changing suppliers.

Check Broadband Coverage,click the link below.

Ofcom Broadband Speed check for you area.

Broadband Speed,Browser Based.

Computer Tech & Info Posted on Sun, July 31, 2016 15:49:59

Broadband Speed,Browser Based.

Testing your Broadband Speed on Your Computer,Desktop or Your Apple or Windows Device can require Adobe Flash.

Not anymore,you can now test your speed in your Browser.

Even if you have an old Computer that has an uptodate Browser,you can still use the Website below.

The results are instantly available on screen.

Easy to read and understand,and keeps a record of previous tests,so you can keep track of when the best time of the day is fastest or slowest.

So starting Testing away.

Testmy Speed.

Power Pc’s,Can i still use them.

Computer Tech & Info Posted on Sat, July 30, 2016 21:30:48

Power Pc’s,Can i still use them.

Power Pc’s,they were made by Apple,and quality is what you get.

It is now 2016 and G4 Power Pc’s or G3 are out of date,they are over 10 years old now,and Apple have stopped supporting good old 10,4,11 Os.

Can you still use them,yes you can.

You just can’t update the software the computer it came with.

You can install uptodate software such as the Broswer and it updates about every 3-4 months,it’s called Ten Four Fox,compatible with various versions of Power Pc’s,it depends on your Processor as to which version you install.

Media Player,you can use Vlc,which is popular with windows and linux users.

Office Software,which is all i ever use is Open Office.

Linux Os Alternative.

If you want a Complete uptodate os which can use all the above,then wny not install a Linux Distribution.

Their are many Linux Distributions available,but you need one that is Compatible with a Power Pc.

The Website below has lots and lots of info on using the correct Os and how to install and many methods and good ideas on how to boot up including running a live distro.

Their are many links including one to wikipedia which has an unlimmited source of links and info.

You can find more info on other sites,i have’nt found any better than this one,but the web is vast.

Caution,By doing the above,you may be breaking Apples Licensing Aggreement if you install a different Os such as Linux.

I hope i have helped to provide info on Power Pc’s and helping them to last Longer,instead of going to landfill.

Check out the site below for applications etc.


Rootkits and Malware.

Computer Tech & Info Posted on Mon, June 13, 2016 12:28:19

Rootkits and Malware.

I have wrote about rootkits before in previous posts.

I am always looking out for more info on them and how they work,and what they do.

Forums Malwarebytes which is a highly recommended app,has loads of info on Rootkit hooks,SSDT.

Rootkits can hide Malware,it can run in the background,and Malware can be hard to detect,because Rootkits hide their presence.

Forums Malwarebytes offers solutions to help you.

Check it out.

Malwarebytes Forums.

Pc World and 112 Popular Downloads.

Computer Tech & Info Posted on Mon, June 06, 2016 22:22:04

Pc World and 112 Popular Downloads.

Downloads,and plenty of them freely available from clicking on Pc Worlds website.

Pc World has put together a quality download list of software from Audio players,Mp3 Converters,Antivirus and Spyware scanners,the list has lots of Catagories,you wont be disappointed.

Click below and enjoy.

Pc World 112 Freebies,Downloads.

Browsers,Firefox v Chrome.

Computer Tech & Info Posted on Sun, May 22, 2016 19:02:01

Browsers,Firefox v Chrome.

Whats your favourite web browser.

If you using Windows Vista,then you will lose future updates to Chrome,as they will no longer be providing support.

You can still use Chrome on more updated operating systems such as windows 7 and above,and is also available on Linux operating systems such as Ubuntu and Linux Mint,which update to the latest Os about every 6 months.

I came across oss one of my favourite websites when looking for Firefox v Chrome Browser.

I wanted to find out any info i could on what is the difference beteeen 2 of the most popular Web Broswers,and Life Hacker goes into detail.

Click on the link to have a good read.

Lifehacker link.

Antivirus,You need one.

Computer Tech & Info Posted on Sun, May 22, 2016 18:58:56

Antivirus,You need one.

Following on from my previous post about Rootkits,you need a reputable antivirus installed.

Rootkits,once they are on your computer,you have got a problem,because they can open the doorway to more trouble such as a Trojan.

Trojans are viruses,they hide themselves within another piece of code.

Kaspersky is an excelent choice to keep your computer safe,regularly updates and runs in the background.

These days you need something reliable.

Their are many more i can reccommend,i like kaspersky.

Keep your Antivirus upto date and your Os,it’s good practice.

Kaspersky do offer a free trial,for a month,so you can get a good idea on what having an Antivirus is all about.

Kaspersky Antivirus,Free Trials to Download.

To get yourself an Antivirus to keep all those nasty malicious codes and fraudsters at bay,click on the link and download yourself a free trial of Kaspersky Antivirus or Kaspersky Internet Security.

Kaspersky link.

Keep updating.

Root kits and how to Remove them.

Computer Tech & Info Posted on Fri, May 20, 2016 15:48:24

Root kits and how to Remove them.

I first wrote this article on jan 1st 2015.

A Rootkit,this is something,you do not want,on your computer,or

laptop,because,once it has installed it self,it is a nightmare.

Rootkit in disguise.

A rootkit,can disguise it self very well,you may not even be aware

that their is one present.

A rootkit,can disguise itself so well,that the operating system,thinks

its part of the system,so it would be very difficult to

notice,anything odd,until you start to update.

If you do notice anything,strange and you start to look for

solutions,you may find your self,being blocked from the internet ,if

you use Internet Explorer.

Also,if you try to download software,to disinfect your system,it may

well interfere with the download,so the best thing to do,is rename the

file,you are downloading.


I will highlight some of the signs of an invasion of a

rootkit,because that’s what they are doing,with out you knowing,they

are invading your privacy.

They can stop you from,doing the following.

1 Windows updates.

For instance,you download windows updates,and find you are having

problems installing them.

2 Antivirus,wont install the updates.

3 Your computer may say their is no internet connection,and you know

its working fine.

4 Files have been deleted,from your computer,even though its password protected.

5 Router,Firewall,this also can be affected,by some rogue software.

6 Botnet,you may not have heard of this,phrase,but it means,that your

computer can be part of a chain, linked to other computers,to do the

dirty work of hackers.

7 You may have details,about you,taken and uploaded to a hackers,own computer.

8 Total control,this is what happens,when infected.

These are some of the signs of a possible rootkit invasion.

It could be some nasty malware/spyware that’s been installed,or the

worst,a rootkit.

In my case it was a rootkit,and it affected my router,to appoint

where,my internet connection was stale,and had to be sorted,in a

way,that i have never heard of before, using an old router,from

virgin,and then swapping it back to my current provider,and it did the

trick,i got the internet back on,but i still had the problem of

either malware,or a rootkit.

Rootkit/Malware Scanner list.

To find out if you do have a Rootkit,i have created a list of software

that can help you,check your computer.

1 Rootkit Unhack me.

2 Rootkit Ice Sword.

3 Combofix.

4 Rkill.

5 Bitdefender.

6 Sophos.

7 Microsoft removal tool.

8 Ubcd tools for pc and anti root.

My Favourites.

1 Combofix,Recommended,fixes most problems,and produces a log

file,some files may be user removal.

2 Unhackme,Recommended,finds hidden processes,produces log file,user removal.

3 Icesword,Recommended,finds hidden processes,produces log file,user removal.

4 Rkill,Recommended,finds hidden processes,produces log file,user removal.

5 Ubcd,ultimate boot cd,lots off apps.Recommended.


1 I started with,Combofix,in the past,it has found infections,but not today.

2 Next,i tryed a new software,which was Unhackme,this instantly,told

me their was something on my computer which was a rootkit,and it found

some hidden processes,a temp file called catch me,i have seen this one

before,many years ago,and even then,it was difficult to remove all the


3 Bitdefender,this found 24 items,but could only remove 6.

4 Microsoft Removal Tool,this found 3,it couldn’t remove any of them.

My solution.

It doesn’t matter,what antivirus you have on your computer,an

antivirus,cant find a rootkit.

You can use special removal tools, like sophos or Bitdefender,but

their are no guarantees,although these scan for viruses,they have

special rootkit tools as well.

The best form of solution,in my experience is listed below,and many

IT specialist’s,will tell you the same thing,disconnect from the

internet,because the rogue, software will keep updating itself.

1 Format your hardrive,low level format.

2 Wipe your Cmos to default.

3 Dismantle the computer,and remove,you Memory,Cpu,Agp,Pci.

4 Reinstall,only by original disks.

5 Reset your router to default.

This is the only way to be sure of getting rid of rogue software.

How did i get this.

I had two computers come into my house,1 from Ebay,and 1 from a

customer,i updated and installed all security on both pcs,but it was

to late,the rogue software,had got into the system and the network.

Updates,My Recommendations.

If only everyone who has a computer,kept it up-to-date,we may be alot

safer on the internet.

1 Install a popular Antivirus,like Avira,it updates by itself,most of

the time,doesn’t use much computer,processing power,like Norton and

Avg,although they do a thorough job,i still like Avira.

2 Install a Software patch app like Secunia PSI,this will update all

the loopholes on your computer.

3 Windows updates,although it is a pain,to download and install all

the updates,and take upto 3-4 days doing it,you need them.

Closing statement.

1 The best form of defense,is to keep,everything up-to-date.

2 Be cautious,with a Usb,Cd,Dvd media,before installing on your

computer,or if you use anything like a Usb,it may be infected with the


3 If you have family members,using the internet,make sure,they keep

their computers up-to-date.

4 Password protect everything,it slows down any intruder,trying to get

in to your computer,and router.

Also,Encryption,this is a good form of defense,if your data is

taken,because once,its encrypted,its a struggle for any one,to get the


5 Although,i mentioned lots of software,to try and

eliminate,rogue,malware and rootkits,and some were sucessful,in

detecting and removing them,my opinion is,that to guarantee you don’t

go round in circles for days,or even weeks,i suggest you do a complete

wipe of everything.

6 I knew that before i started testing the computer,i would eventually

have to do the above,but i wanted to test the best of the best

software,that i know of.

Here is a link to 5 of best Click here.

Well that’s it,i hope you have learnt,abit more about Rootkits.

Stay safe,and upto date.

So look after yourself and your computer.

Stay tuned for more.


Broadband Slow with your Provider.

Computer Tech & Info Posted on Wed, May 04, 2016 20:40:48

Broadband Slow with your Provider.

If you are having issues with your broadband speed,have a read below for some tips.

One of the common problems for causing slow speeds,is through out the day

traffic can get congestered,which means their are to many users are online at the same time.

Bt offer an accelerator that plugs into your network,if you have an account,you can log into their shop and see more details.

If you are trying to download a file,why not try bittorent,this is a file sharing app,which downloads bits of infomation to your computer from other users that use the same app.

You can use bittorent to download and use for freeware files or opensource.

Did you know that if your service provider offers you parental filtering on your broadband account it could also slow your internet down,try seeing on your account,if their is anything you can remove.

Computers themselves can slow down the internet if you dont have an upto date Opertating System and have all the updates that are available and installed.

Browsers,they can cause problems sometimes,especialy if they are not upto date,if you are having slow internet issues,and you think it’s your browser take a look at Opera or Safari which is Apples own browser.

To many addons can cause slow internet as well.

Security,keep your security upto date,because out of date definitions may not detect rouge apps or spyware,these can slow your browsing down because they send bits of infomation back to the creator.

The infomation above can help towards a speedy internet,but if you are still having issues,here are some suggestions below.

1 Using Wifi,try inserting ethernet into your conputer.

2 Wifi signals can be blocked by obstacles,try centering it in the home.

3 Try a different Wifi band signal,by logging into your router and select the drop down menu that shows differnt bands.

4 Try refreshing the Network,by restarting the Router.

These are some helpful suggestions,they may help your situation.

Isp’s have their own Broadband Speed Checkers,this would be good thing to check,but do it at different times of the day,and over 2-3 days and then you may see a pattern of busy or non busy times,whether its slow all the time or intermittent.

This information can help your case when talking to your Isp.

You could if your contract is coming to an end,look at other providers,for example im with Bt and im getting less than 2mb,but talktalk can offer 3mb-6mb on the same line,this is because they have upgraded the exchange themselves.

Worth looking into.

I hope the info above has given you an insight into resolving any issues.

Further Reading.

Bt link to resolve Slow internet,useful.

10 Ways to resolve slow Hacker.

More about me please visit.

Cybercrime,what to do if you are a victim.

Computer Tech & Info Posted on Wed, April 06, 2016 08:33:26

Cyberchrime,what to do if you are a victim.

Cybercrime is on the up,if you have had problems,Norton one of the major Security online Companies

Has put together some steps to eradicate any problems.

Norton have products such as Internet Security,Antivirus and an online Virus Scanner.

Very useful to help combat online suspious activity.

Here is the link:

Norton What to do if you are a victim of Cybrrcrime.

For information about computers and Tecnology take alook at my facebook page,their are Links,Online Deals,info about using your Computer online and more.

My Facebook Page.

Build your own Computer.

Computer Tech & Info Posted on Wed, March 30, 2016 16:38:48

Build your own Computer.

I have Built a few Computers in the past for myself,and upgraded them,it is a challenge,and filled with excitement,knowing you are a few steps away from seeing your efforts being transformed into a working Computer.

To build a Computer you need components and Hardware,and a bit of knowledge.

Pc World,a well known Computer Store has put a guide together on building a Computer.

Pc World will advise you on how to start,Shop and mention mistakes to avoid.

Pc World Link.

Keep Checking my website for Articles,Items for sale,especialy Computer Hardware and Components and more.

More about me


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Videos,Nature Pictures,Links to Amazon,Youtube Videos and More.

Articles,Items for Sale,Website Updates and More.

More info,Articles and items for Sale,are here every week.

Update your Computer.

Computer Tech & Info Posted on Fri, March 25, 2016 20:50:22

Update your Computer.

Updating your Computer is something you need to think about.

These days you need to be more cautious either on the internet or receiving USB flash drives and Disks off anyone.

Microsoft,Windows Os.

If you are using Microsoft Products,such as windows Os 7,8 or windows Os 10,you need to keep up to date.

Microsoft make it easy to install updates,normally your Operating System will update by default to download and install,while you are busy working on your computer,updates are performed in the background.

You can perform a manual check,by selecting your start menu and browse towards the top,you should see Windows Update,just Click and you will be redirected.

If you can’t see it,have a look in the Accessories Link in the Start Menu.

Updates Include:

Patches (security Vulnerability).

Driver Updates.

Windows DefenderUpdates(Spyware Scanner).

Windows Genuine Validation Tool(Scans for Genuine Os Keys & Genuine Os installs)


Software Updates.

And More.

You need to keep your Windows Os up to date,especially when you Browse the internet.

Webpages are full of information and very useful in your thirst for Knowledge and know how,as well as free and paid software.

Some Webpages can be misguiding in an attempt to deceive you for information off you,this could be anything from bank account numbers,phone numbers,documents and more.

Your computer is only secure and safe from vulnerabilities,if you make the attempt to update.

It is in your interest and every computer user to update and stay safe and make browsing the internet a joy.


Everyone needs to have an Antivirus on their Computer.

Their are many free versions as well as paid Antivirus Suites.

Such as:




And More,their a wide variety available.

Viruses are are new everyday,so we need to keep up to date,some work manually and others update with out any intervention.


Spyware is a little different to viruses,it does what it says,spy on you.

Spyware can cause so many problems such as slowing down your Computer and your Network to appoint where your Computer can’t even function or respond to commands,or the worse thing that could happen is render your computer useless.

Update is the key to everything mentioned above.

Software Patches and Updates:

Software you use on your computer,if outdated can leave your computer under threat.

Software such as Adobe,Flash,Office ,Browser and more.

That’s where a nice bit of software which is also free called Secunia.

Secunia once installed on your computer and left to scan,will check it’s Database for outdated Software and then downloads a Patch to bring it up to date.

I have covered the basics about updating and making your computer safe to use while surfing the internet.

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Computer Problems,Be Prepared.

Computer Tech & Info Posted on Wed, March 23, 2016 08:37:21

Computer Problems,Be Prepared.

What would you do,if your computer,wont start properly.

You would probably reach out for your friends,who know something about computers,but what if

they are busy,or on holiday,or you cant go online to do research,as to why your computer wont start

up,or even wont turn on,unless you have a spare computer,it may be difficult to resolve the issues.

My advice is as followers.

Before you get any problems,and your computer is still working fine,download your self a Boot Up


Yes a boot up Disk,this is a disk,with many free software,solving applications,on the disk,the best

one to go for is called,The Ultimate Boot Disk.

The web address is below.

It will be downloaded as an Image file,called ISO,and once its downloaded,look for a file that says ISO and then start your Cd/Dvd Burning Software and burn it to disk,the file size is normally around 500-700 MB.

You can get lots of apps included in the disk.

Such as software for your computer like below:






Anti virus.

And lots more diagnostic testing software,see below for more information.

1 Bios,software to solve,a corrupted Bios,or clear the Bios, this stands for (Basic Input Output

System),this is where your computer actually tests all the components,on the Motherboard,to find

out whether they are working or not,the Motherboard holds all the components,together,such

as,Memory,CPU (Central Processing Unit),Graphics Card,etc.

And also your hardware such as CD/DVD ROM drives,Hardrive,which is where you run and install

your software.

2 Motherboard Tools,these can test your motherboard for any problems,that aren’t obvious,when the

bios runs its basic test.

3 CPU,(Central Processing Unit),these can test the CPU for any weaknesses,and more.

4 Hardrive Tools,such as Hardrive testing,Wiping,and cloning tools.

5 Memory,lots of testing,for strengths and weakness.

6 Anti virus,lots of free anti virus software,you can run these even before you get to the desktop,and

update them as well,i had to do this about 5 months ago,and it found a Trojan, (Trojan,is a virus

disguised as another virus,within a virus).

By having one of these disks,you can save your self a lot of time,and energy,and money.

Watch online content.

By online content,I mean,go to websites like You Tube,Wikipedia,how to,or How to Geek.

On You Tube you can watch step by step videos on just about anything,especially

computers,on how to take them apart,or build them,and repair them.

Wiki Pedia how to,this will show you photos,on how to do things in simple steps,with lots

of info.

How to this is one of my favourites,this is the place,to be,full of many articles in great detail and pictures.

You can Learn so much on the internet about Computers,the best way i found out how to resolve issues was through trial and error,reading lots of Books,Magazines,Gadget Tv Programmes and geting stuck in to Computers and Experimenting.

Technology is always improving,so you keep on Learning,which is’nt a bad thing,it’s good to learn.

Thank you for Reading,more articles coming soon.

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