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About Me. Posted on Tue, December 22, 2015 09:19:06


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Morning everyone,who loves Christmas,I do.

I look forward to it every year,because it’s a time when the whole world joins together and remembers the past and looks to the future.

Christmas brings people together,and we all think about Religion more.

Christmas inspires us more to Share,Help,Donate and Give what we can to anyone who needs a helping hand.

As the song goes (I wish it could be Christmas every Day)

If this was true,the world would be a different place,because Christmas time inspires People.

Christmas time is also a time for enjoying the moment,this is me when I was young,I have come along way since this photo was taken,I have learnt a lot about life,and you never stop learning.

Their will be many families on Christmas morning savouring the moment of seeing their children open their presents,Memories they are precious.

Have a Merry Christmas everyone,and enjoy.

About Me Nigel Weston

About Me. Posted on Sun, February 22, 2015 12:01:18

About Me Nigel Weston.

About Me.

Hi my name is Nigel.

I hope you enjoy the blog,just as much as i do,updating every week.

Back Ground.

School and College.

I went to Regis Comprensive school in Wolverhampton.

Left School to learn about Landscape and Gardening.

Up North.

I moved up North to be with family.

Employment Position.

Supported Living,Health and Social Support Worker,i have been working in the Health
Supporting position as Carer to Supported Living for a total of 8 years now,i have earned
many certificates in all aspects of Care and Support.

Website,includes photo restoration,Fund Raising and Photography.


I love animals and caring for them,but sadly my dogs and Cats are no longer with me.

I miss walking dogs and with having my dogs for 14 years,its no suprise,love my cats.

Hobbies and interests.

Music,Reading,History,and Photography,Football,Rugby,Films,Documentries.

I love Computers and Teaching people,it dose’nt matter how old you are,it’s never to late.

I am a caring religious guy,who wants to help,with my knowledge and experince.


I have lived abroad in Cyprus,Cyprus was a time for religious war and the Turks and the Greeks
caught up in a war between themselves and so was i,i was about 4 years old or just 5,cant remember,my dad was in tge Army whuch was why we Travelled.
Germany which is where we moved to and various places such as Verden and Herford,Germany was Big on Elvis Presley
Everywhere you went their were Campsites set up with big projector screens showing
off Elvis either in Concerts or Films,everyone friendly,Elvis was big.

Elvis presley,like most people my age grew up on him,and bought his records and magazines,i was
the same,germay and the naffie supermarket was a regular visit.

My blog will be updated every week,and my website and Gallery,every week as well.

Enjoy Life,Be Safe.