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Webshop on Myworld with Nice Art

News on Myworld. Posted on Sat, February 24, 2018 14:55:16

Webshop on Myworld with Nice Art.

MyWorld has been updated with My Nice Art Shop on the Nature Page and my Upcycling page.

I have been busy for the last 10 days at least,with updating My Nice Art which is my Blog and includes my Nice Art Shop.

I try and update as much as i can,i will be adding My Craft’s to my Shop soon,at the moment you can buy my Nature Print’s and Art Downloads and more recently my Mugs with Nature and Colour Print’s on which look vibrant.

My Nice Art is being updated nearly every day and you can read some nice inspirational Articles with Links and my Recent addition’s to the Shop.

More Update’s Coming Soon,Enjoy.

Here are Some Links to:

Nice Art Blog.

Nice Art Shop.


Myworld on lline has lots of pictures and videos of Nature,as well as useful web Links and More.

Upcycling and Handmade items.

Nature Close up on Bees,Flowers.!home

Downloads Link for Art,Nice Art.

If you like Colour and unusual shapes,you might like my custom Art,more will keep appearing.

More Video’s coming soon and Pictures.

Update on Myworld

News on Myworld. Posted on Tue, January 23, 2018 08:23:43

Update on Myworld.

Good Morning and welcome to the latest update on myworld.

Updates include:

More nature pictures.

Embedded blog enlarged for a better experience.

Embedded projects blog enlarged.

New to my world is embedded downloads with colour,nature,art.

1 New Colourful Art has been Added.

Twitter Screen has been enlarged to make easy viewing of Youtube video’s.

More updates wil appear soon.


Thank you for visiting Myworld.


Updates,Nature,Upcycling and Home Page.

News on Myworld. Posted on Mon, November 20, 2017 21:55:13

Updates,Nature,Upcycling and Home Page.

Welcome to the Latest Update on my World.

The Latest Updates include:

The Home Page layout has been changed with some advertising
displayed from Google,if you like Google Adverts which shows just about
everything from Shopping for Clothes or you need a hand with your
energy supply and more,then Google ads are here for you on

Nature page has had a dramatic change which also displays adverts from google and so does the Upcycling Page.
You will see lots of Wild Garden Bird Pictures and Videos and they will keep coming.

The Upcycling Page has also been changed,you can now buy some of my crafts with Paypal and their are also as with my other pages some selections of Ebay Products Streamed to Myworld.

If you dont have ebay you can purchase my Crafts with Paypal on the Upcycling Page.

I recommend Ebay as i have bought and sold for many Years and with my Ebay streamed to myworld online .net you can see in realtime my Crafts.

Downloads Page has been updated,you can buy Custom art for £0.60 and Download straight away with out waiting for the post.

Their will be some more updates before Christmas and with some ideas with saving money on Wrapping your presents and more.

Stay tuned for more Videos coming soon and some Pictures of Garden Birds and ideas.

Myworld on lline has lots of pictures and videos of Nature,as well as useful web Links and More.

Upcycling and Handmade items.

Nature Close up on Bees,Flowers.!home

Downloads Link for Art.

If you like Colour and unusual shapes,you might like my custom Art,more will keep appearing.

More Video’s coming soon and Pictures.

My World Updated.

News on Myworld. Posted on Wed, November 08, 2017 08:40:55

Myworld Updated.

My World has been updated.

You can now browse Ebay Selections and Deals with out leaving the website.

You can browse my Crafts on Ebay within the site also.

Lots of Blog Links and Website Links to search through.

My will keep updating.


Updated Homepage,Weblinks.

News on Myworld. Posted on Wed, November 01, 2017 07:23:03

MyWorld Updated Homepage,Weblinks.

Myworld Website
has been updated 31st October tuesday.

You will see lots of Weblinks to useful websites:

Gadgets and Tech how to.
Embeding links for useful websites.
My Blog links,Computers,lots of links which are
now easier to see,you can also copy the links
to place on your own Website or Blog.

My Ebay,Twitter have been moved around on the
This is where you can see everything on my Ebay page which
is full of Crafts.

MyTwitter has alot of useful Liked Videos from Youtube
from Crafting,Diy,Christmas and More.

More Updates on Myworld Coming Soon.

Myworld on lline has lots of pictures and videos of Nature,as well as useful web Links and More.

Upcycling and Handmade items.

Nature Close up on Bees,Flowers.!home

Downloads Link for Art.

If you like Colour and unusual shapes,you might like my custom Art,more will keep appearing.

More Handmade items coming soon.

Nigels Art/Downloads.

News on Myworld. Posted on Mon, August 21, 2017 21:31:47

Nigels Art/Downloads.

Nigels Art,is a new part of Myworld-online.

Just recently i have uploaded a new part of my website,

I enjoy Colour and Art and Printing off Beautiful Picture’s and inspiring Colour and Mood changing Shapes,Nature.

On you can purchase Art that have been created ,and are available to Download after a small payment through Paypal.

Lots more Art and Nature Picture’s will appear in time,for now please take alook and see whats available,some are digital Art and Nature Art.

If you like any of mygallery Pictures they to will appear in time.

Please enjoy and see whats on offer by Clicking the link above.

Ebay Store,Opened.

News on Myworld. Posted on Wed, May 10, 2017 09:03:30

Ebay Store,Opened.

Good morning to everyone.

This week has seen me open my Ebay Store.

just a couple of days ago,please copy and paste the link into your browser.

The Store has some of the Crafts i have made over the year.

This is great news for anyone who visits ebay,as everyone can see my world Crafts in one place,as well as info,pictures,details of payment,and feel confident about the whole Ebay experince.

Just about everyone knows ebay,and sells just about everything.

Save Money with my Ebay Store.

By Buying on my Ebay Store,you can Save money,in buying with me.

Did you know that you can buy products on Ebay and pay at the end of the Month.

Just Add anything you see on Ebay,add using the Cart icon,and an invoice will be sent at the end of the month,this is very helpful,if you see Auctions as well as buy it now items,it makes life easy on Ebay.

Items on Ebay are uploaded everyday,7 days aweek,and this gives Buyers a big choice in products such as:

Crafts,Art,Computer Stuff,Gadgets,Pottery,Collectables,Stamps and More.

Many of the items above are what i’m selling now.

I enjoy selling and being interactive with People,and is so rewarding when one of your products has been purchased,and you the buyer has saved money.

I have been on Ebay since 2008,and now the time is right to get right into selling.

Items will be uploaded several times per week,this will range from crafts,Art and everything from New and Old.

To see my Store,just copy and paste the Link below into your Browser.

Store renamed.

The store has been renamed recently to Crafty Upcycling.

My store not only sells crafts made from new and old,but also everyday house hold clothing,cd’s,Tealight holders,offcuts of materials which can be repurposed.

Everything from old and new tech stuff,such as Hdmi cables,Mobile Phone Manuals,Fabric offcuts and Ribbons.

Some items will be available as a Buy it Now or Auction which will last 7 days.

If you like my Craft that i make,and you dont have an Ebay Account,i can make and Supply any of my items to you.

Please email me at

Nigels Crafts,Latest Flyer.

News on Myworld. Posted on Fri, May 05, 2017 20:55:48

Nigels Crafts,Latest Flyer.

Here is my latest flyer with some of the recent Art and Crafts i have done.

Such as Wooden Crates,Picture Stands,Book Ends,and Nature Prints,alot of them were taken around Croft,Dalton,Hurworth and Eryholme.

Many of these are available to see on mygallery.

To pick a picture you would like Printing,just take note of the Number at the top of the Page.

Also on the flyer is an oppertunity to advertise on upcoming flyers especialy if you are a Business and want publicity,this is an ideal way to get noticed.

Or if you have some news of an event that is happening in these areas,please get intouch.

The flyers will be distributed through out Dalton on tees,Croft on tees and Hurworth and Local Areas,please Contact for more info,Nice Price,Like it.


Like what you see,Like Me on Facebook.

Coming soon,Handmade Crafts and Pet accessories.

News on Myworld. Posted on Wed, April 12, 2017 09:18:44

Coming soon,Handmade Crafts and Pet accessories.

Coming soon are new Handmade Coasters,whch will be universal and functinal.

Various styles and shapes will be created,and maybe some colour.

Also i mentioned above Pet Accessories,such as a Rabbit Hutch/Runner.

These are ideal for Rabbits to Run around and have freedom and space in the garden,but also have shelter at the same time,feel content.

Pictures will be later this week,after completing.

As promised,i have some pictures for you,these are the Coasters,to see them click here.

Message me or like me on facebook if you like what you see.

To see more of my Upcycling,ideas and Projects please vist my website below.

Upcycling Page Updated.

News on Myworld. Posted on Fri, April 07, 2017 15:54:21

Upcycling Page Updated. has been updated with Links,Flyers,and new and old Arts and Crafts,and many of the Displayed Pictures.

The Picture Displays an upcoming Project,Rustic,Retro Vintage Look.

More Crafts will be coming soon,if any one wants to contact me please feel free,either by or by Phone on 07884957746 or Landline 01325 788638.


Facebook Nigels Crafts

News on Myworld. Posted on Mon, March 20, 2017 14:03:27

Facebook/Nigels Crafts.

Crafts and myworld are on facebook.

They have been for a while,but now the name has been changed to:

Nigels Crafts.

All communication is still the still the same.

To see my facebook page,goto the website below,and you will see facebook embedded in the Home Page.

All items are for sale,no prices listed,please contact me if you like anything.


Nigels Crafts@eryholme

This is an easy way to get to my Facebook Page.

Here,their are many updates.

Myworld Update

News on Myworld. Posted on Wed, November 30, 2016 12:51:53

Myworld Update.

I am currently updating Myworld at the moment,the projects are on hold,and will be completed by the week end,i am still buzzing with many ideas.

Christmas is just around the corner,if you would like any Hand Made items i have on my website,please follow the link.

Stay tuned for updates.

Enjoy your Day. Updates.

News on Myworld. Posted on Thu, November 10, 2016 19:45:50 Updates.

Evening to everyone, has been updated with some web links,Videos,And now you can buy Handmade Crafts through Paypal.

The web links are here to help with guarding yourself against Scammers,Fraudsters and more.

Videos are recent and old.

Crafts which are Handmade by myself from recycled materials,and can be bought through paypal.

Custom made Crafts can be made,please contact with details.

Picture Slide Shows on each page of myworld,and will be more added as time goes on.

More links,pictures,and Crafts on their way soon,intime for Christmas.

Crafts Start at £2.00

Postage for Crafts start at £0.55 – -£2.85.

All materials accept screws are made from recycled timber,offcuts.

Its good to reuse and reinvent.

Crafts on myworld/upcycling and reinventing.

Broadband Speed Test By Ookla.

News on Myworld. Posted on Sun, November 06, 2016 12:50:44

Broadband Speed Test By Ookla.

Updates are slow on,at the moment,having switched from 1 provider to another,when i was having problems with the network already,i changed hoping to resolve any problems.

This is not the case,i changed my provider on the 7th september 2016,which was supposed to be activated,i could only receive telephone service and internet access was restricted,by the switchover.

Activation was switched to 14th september 2016,but since then we have communicated many times and all calls logged,regarding our provider.

When having issues with a provider,you do need a log of issues and visits,so if you go down the road of cancelling your contract,you have the right,because of the service provided.

Some providers offer a speed test built into your account,but may require you to have the latest flash plugin.

But if you need to test your speed,and with a reliable service,then Ookla is for you.

My speed test today:

Download = 0.64 mbps.

Upload = 0.64 mbps.

Why not test yours,and it’s free,you can download from either the Playstore
or Applestore.

Gallery Update.

News on Myworld. Posted on Thu, August 25, 2016 12:31:20

Gallery Update.

What a wet day it is today,hopefully i can cheer you up with glorious Colour,Projects and lots of Nature.

I have created a new Gallery of Nature showing Flowers,Garden Furniture,Natures creation and more,follow the link below.

331 new Photo’s to see,share and download.!album-36

Insects and more close up has been updated with a few more photo’s Bees,Frog and spider.!album-32

Recycling and upcycling has also been updated with This years Projects and before shots.!album-26

More updates with a new Category coming later this week,Photo Collage of Nature,Hand Made and More

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