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Skills for Care.

Health & Fitness Posted on Thu, October 27, 2016 16:07:31

Skills for Care.

If you are looking for help and Training to work in the care Sector,then Skills For Care is the Website for you.

You can research all Care Courses and Providers,used on your Location,Prices and Details are available to.

Recommended by The Care Quality Commission which sets out the standards for Care.(CQC)

Courses such as Dementia available through the Skills For Care’s Website and many more.

Skills For Care Link.

Diabetes Type 2 Reversal

Health & Fitness Posted on Mon, October 24, 2016 09:04:55

Diabetes Type 2 Reversal

Diet is the key to resolving diabetes,According to a Professor at Newcastle University.

To read more on this story Visit the Daily mail’s Website for more info.

I have just recently done an Article with info on Dementia and Alzheimers,with links to websites and a Ketogenic Diet and also the affects of Coconut oil can have on some one who has Dementia and Alzheimers,and how it may slow down or reverse it.

Very informative

Daily Mail Type 2 Diabetes Reversal Link

Dementia and Alzheimer”s helpful web links.

Health & Fitness Posted on Thu, October 20, 2016 14:27:58

Dementia and Alzheimer”s helpful web links.

What is the difference between Alzheimer’s and Dementia.

A lot of people are confused as to what dementia is and Alzheimer’s is,and what is the difference.

Here is a youtube video explaining in an animated short film.

Youtube Animated Video.

Five ways to help someone with Dementia.

What do you say to someone who has dementia,how do you communicate to get your message across,i’m doing a course at the moment that includes learning about dementia.

When talking to someone,you need to give space,talk clearly,keep your sentences short and not to rush anyone who has dementia.

The youtube video below informs you on five ways to help someone with dementia,and gives you an insight in to someone’s life.

Five ways to help someone with Dementia.

Coconut and Dementia.

Coconut Oil and Dementia,trials are being done in America on Coconut oils and if it makes a difference to someone who suffers from dementia.

According to the trials should be completed in 2017,to read more follow the link below. and Coconut Oil.

Coconut Oil Reversed Dementia,Youtube.

To see more on the affects of coconut oil,click the link below,which shows a youtube video of the son of his father,who has helped him to cope with dementia,he describes his daily life improving with the use of the oil,and his own experiences when using it.

Coconut Oil Reversed Dementia,Youtube.

All the information above is available to hopefully help anyone who may know someone who has Dementia and Alzheimer”s.

I don”t claim Coconut oil works,but the information is here for anyone to make use of the links and information and make your own minds up,but evidence from sufferers suggests that their are benefits from using it,such as:


The above on coconut oil sounds like to me the brain is using energy source converted to ketones instead of glucose.

I”m not an expert,i”m just gathering information and linking them.

The University Health News website has lots more information on Dementia and links Ketones to slowing down the affects and reversing Dementia.

And to help slow down and reverse Dementia,you could try a ketone diet,this can slow down the symptoms of memory loss and cognitive impairment through out Dementia,according to University Health News.

Also the website goes on to mention that their is a link between blood sugar disorders and the various dementia stages including memory loss and and Alzheimer”s,and Alzheimer’s Disease is similar to Type 3 Diabete’s.

Ketone Diet.

For more information on a Ketone diet goto the website below,very informative on our diet intake.

Ketone’s linked to slowing down Dementia.

As mentioned earlier i’m not an expert,my aim is to provide information and hopefully help.

Wishing everyone good luck and good health.

Isochronic Tones,Music for the Mind.

Health & Fitness Posted on Mon, August 08, 2016 20:29:20

Isochronic Tones,Music for the Mind.

Isochronic Tones Music for the Mind,if you want to improve your mind or relax and meditate or have problems falling asleep or even stressed then take a look at this website.

Lots of music to Buy and listen to with a wide range of choice.

The music helps you to enter a relaxed state of mind.

Most people know music is good for the soul.

It can also help you:



Focus on Studying.

Relax with Meditation.

Memory improvement.

Stimulate Creativity.

If you want to listen to the music before you buy,then head over to Youtube and see the selection available from 30 minutes to an hour and over.


Youtube MindAmend



Dark Chocolate and it’s Benefits.

Health & Fitness Posted on Thu, July 28, 2016 16:02:13

Dark Chocolate and it’s Benefits.

Nearly everyone likes chocolate.

But did you know chocolate can be good for you.

Yes,chocolate is good for you.

Dark Chocolate that is.

Dark Chocolate is good for you because of it’s rich content of Coca,the higher the content of coca,the beneficial your mind and body will enjoy the goodness.

Dark Chocolate is rich in Flavonoids which help improve circulation as well as improve the function of the brain,which affects the neurotransmitters that help with the memory.

As well as Memory,Dark Chocolate according to studies,can help with Artheritis,this dose’nt come as a suprise,because if Dark Chocolate and it’s rich Coca content and Cirulation boosting properties,helps with blood flow to the Brain,then why not to the rest of the body,including joints.


Stress,dark chocolate is a great stressbuster,because of it’s relaxing properties,Coca.

The Website below,goes into more detail,which classes Coca as a Superfood.

Very informative.

More coming soon.

More about dark chocolate Source NHS

Foods that improve your Mind and Body and Memory.

Health & Fitness Posted on Mon, July 25, 2016 17:59:29

Foods that improve your Mind and Body and Memory.

You are what you eat is a popular saying.

Many of us have busy lifestyles,fast paced with working,shopping and sometimes nick pick at snacks and foods and never seem to sit and eat properly.

A lifestyle such as this can have an impact on our body and mind.

The human body can only take so much impact from a lifestyle such as the above.

Your mind and body could be crying out for some attention from certain foods such as the list below.

Fish which is good for the brain,which provides 3 omega fatty acids.

Wallnuts,also provide the essential 3 omega fatty acids,and is also a healthy snack.

Blue berries have powerful antitoxins as well as protecting the brain from decline.

These are some examples from the website below.

Their are more links with more evidence to support the above foods.

It cant do any halm to change your diet,if anything your mind and body will love it,and with society the way it is,with so many toxins and pollutents in the air,as well as what we eat and drink,it’s good to make a simple change in what we eat.

You don’t have to go overboard on changing your lifestyle,just a few changes can make a difference.

More info on Omega 3.

Omega 3 Usful Links by The Daily Mail,a good read and full of info,Supplement Comparison with Prices,also is Omega any Good,my expereince is yes,i use it every day and feel the benefits of taking a supplement,it is down to how you feel when taking it.

Foods for Your Memory,a selection of different foods to help your Memory,

If you are a vegetarian what do you take here is another link to the Dailymail and in their Article they suggest Flaxseed Oil,here is a link to Dr.Axe 10 Amazing Facts about Flax seed,he is also on Youtube,he gives regular Youtube appearences every week,a very informative talk.

Time to Relax with Bath Salts.

Health & Fitness Posted on Sat, April 02, 2016 17:28:55

Time to Relax with Bath Salts.

We all need to relax and unwind,i spotted these on Amazon.

Lemon and Orange Bath Salts 100g from Amazon,£0.99 plus £1.00 Delivery.


Dead Sea Bath Salts.



Delivery £1.00.

More Bath Salt Varities from Amazon.

After a hard day at work or in the Gym,or a Long Walk,you need to sooth and rest and recuperate your body.

Having a bath on its own is relaxing,but when mixed with salts,they seem to invigorate you.

And if you read my article previous to this post on facebook you will have seen me mention that fruits such as lemons,Oranges have an affect on the Sinuses to help stimulate them to ease any pressure and naturaly drain away or if you read the article on my blog back in december 2016,it is full of links and natural info.

More about Me visit

Health,Sinuses,Problems and Remedy’s

Health & Fitness Posted on Sun, December 27, 2015 17:09:02

and Remedy’s

In the
world we live in our Sinuses are heavily bombarded with day to day
living of Chemicals,Allergies,Viruses,Bugs and ourselves by not
drinking enough fluid and not understanding how your sinuses need

I hope to
bring a little insight as to how you can treat your sinuses and take
care of them and hopefully reduce that awful tender and some times
extreme painful feeling.

I seem to
struggle with sinus problems,but it has only started to really affect
me the last 3 years.

With this
year being the worst,and a few visits to the Doctors and some
research on the internet,I’m now starting to understand what care is
needed with Sinuses and problems surrounding them,especially
Sinusitis which is a Viral infection of the Sinuses.

are my Sinuses,and what are they.

Have you
ever felt pain between your eyes just above your nose and if you
apply pressure,it becomes tender.

Sinuses are Cavity’s filled with pockets of air,they can get blocked
up with Mucus,it’s the Mucus that stops you breathing easily and you
end up with that uncomfortable sore and tender feeling.

Mucus is
produced by your Sinuses and is drained through your nose through
small channels,but if you have Sinusitis these channels become
blocked,because the Sinus Linings have become Inflamed and Swollen.


You also
have more Sinus Cavity’s above and around your Cheekbone,which is why
you may get a tender sore feeling underneath the eyes and around your
Jaw and Ear area,and if you have Sinusitis(Viral Infection) this can
be Extremely painful.


is a Viral infection.

If you do
find that you get a lot of pain in your Eyes and at the same time you
have tooth ache and Sensitivity this may be a result of your Sinuses
or Sinusitis that is causing the problems.

of a Sinusitis infection.

1 Bad



You may
also feel irritable,this is all part of having Sinusitis.

Source My

More info
can be found on The NHS Website,Click here.

How to
Resolve and Cure Sinusitis.

Here are
some solutions to easing the Pain and Discomfort you are feeling.

Some of
the information is from my experience and seems to work as well as
some help from Doctors and The NHS.

1 Drink
plenty of fluids(This thins the Mucus and allows to drain away,easing

2 Inhale
warm vapours(Steam bath,the warmth can soften the mucus,to help
pressure and start the process of thinning and draining
away).Tip(Please be careful if using Hot

you feel the need to add a vapour rub to hot water,be careful of how much,in my experience,i have found just Hot water when left to
cool does the same job,I found a vapour rub irritated the linings of
my sinuses which caused more pain,but useful when rubbed on the chest
or back and under underneath the nose.

3 Flannel
or Towel,if you soak any one of these in hot water and allow to cool
down a little,it works just like the above.

4 Hot
Water Bottle,you may find you cant sleep at night,because of the
pain,especially around the ear,this is where a hot water bottle comes
in handy,because t will comfort you a bit longer than the two above.
Tip (Be careful when filling and closing
the Bottle,allow some space for water to move freely in the bottle).

Bicarbonate of Soda and Salt Remedy to Clear Sinuses.


Steps to
take include:

1 Teaspoon
of Bicarbonate of Soda.

1 Teaspoon
of Salt.

1 Pint of
Boiled Hot Water from the Kettle.

Mix all
these together and leave to cool down,until at least Luke warm.

Wash your
hands when ready.

Cup one of
your hands,and pour a little into it,for example,left hand left
nostril,and use your free hand(Right) to close Right nostril.

And now
sniff with your left hand into your left nostril for at least 3

Repeat with the Right Nostril.

You should
do this until you feel a little relief.

Tip (Have
some tissues ready,because you will get some drainage almost straight away not a few minutes later with possible sneezing.

You will
need to do this once a day,and is recommended as Daily routine to
help cleanse your nose. Source/More info NHS.


I have
found all of the above steps to be of beneficial,including the last
one with almost immediate affect,i found the hot water bottle on a
night time to help me get to sleep,i did have some restless nights
until i started using the hot water bottle and my favourite which is
the last solution number 5,Bicarbonate of Soda and Salt.

I do this
one every day,and is of great relief.

I have
also found that dry air in offices,Shops and even in the home can dry
out the nose,if left to dry,this can lead to sinus problems,your nose
is like a thermometer,you may have heard the saying about a dogs
nose,your nose is a guide as to what’s happening with your Sinuses.



To stop
the air drying out in the home place a small ceramic or bowl of water
on a radiator,to help stop the air drying out.

and Mould.

Damp and
Mould can irritate your sinuses,so try and be cautious with your
laundry and for Mould clean with a Mould Spray,you can get these from
£1-£2 and they do the job affectively,in some cases it may take a
few attempts to see some results,make sure you have a window open.


Try and
avoid or reduce your dairy foods,as these can irritate your
sinuses,or if you seem to experience sinus problems a lot,try and
avoid dairy altogether,this includes Chocolates,sorry.

You don’t
have to give up totally on Milk and Dairy,you can have a substitute
Soya Milk instead as well as Tofu.

and Fruits to help your Sinuses.

contains Anti-inflammatory.

a lemon into a cup of hot water,allow to cool,this will help drain
the mucus.


The above
have cleansing properties.

to Clear your Sinuses.

Radish,Mustard,Papaya,Garlic,Pepper or even a sliced raw onion.

that has hot properties can get the Mucus to thin out and drain away.

ever I have a cold or flu,I tend to have hot curries or if I have a
cough I would eat a raw clove of Garlic or Onion followed by a
teaspoon of Honey.

careful because your sinuses will tingle,and your throat will heat

to have.

Lemon Tea
helps Drain the Mucus,try with Honey which has natural Antibacterial


out Doors.

up warm around your face,and if you can your ears as well,as drafts
can cause irritation to your sinuses.


this can be help especially and a hard days work,but is also
beneficial to your Sinuses,because the Toes and fingers work mainly
on your head,whether you have a headache and Sinus problems,like
everything else in lif,the more you practice,the better the results
will be.


and avoid stress,it can cause many problems with the human body,the
more avoid situations the better,and if you do find yourself
stressed,try taking 500mg of Vitamin C you can take atleast 1000 mg a
day,and a B Complex,both of these are not stored by the body,so any
unused will be discarded.

will know when your body is getting enough through your body

to Sleep.

time,this is a time when after a day of hardly any signs of problems
with your sinuses,bed time is a time when you may feel the pressure
at it;s worse.

reason being is,the sinuses have no where to drain the mucus,because
of lying down,so try and sleep with an extra pillow to create a bit
of gravity to drain the mucus away.

know sleeping almost upright can be uncomfortable for a few
nights,but your sinuses will appreciate it,and at the same time try
using a hot water bottle,this will help to thin out the
congestion,and help you get to sleep.

try and avoid.

of us like a drink now and then,which is harmless in moderation,but
did you know Alcohol can close up the Sinuses and the Cavity’s which
drains away the mucus,you don’t have to cut it out all together,just
until you feel more comfortable within your self,listen to your body.

have now come to the end for the time being,I hope I have helped you
to see that you don’t have to put up with sinus problems and
everything that comes with it.

will try and update in the future a bit more about Sinuses and Food
and Drink that can either help or harm your sinuses.

will be doing more Articles,Tips and Health related issues in the
near future,so keep checking back for more.

I hope everyone has had a good Christmas,and enjoy the New Year.

Tips on improving your Memory and Stress.

Health & Fitness Posted on Sun, March 15, 2015 18:30:45

Tips on improving your Memory and Stress.

We can sometimes in life be forgetful.

This is normal.

To improve your memory I have learnt over the years many things that help such as the list detailed below:


1 Vitamin C.

Vitamin C can help you and your Body in many ways,we need vitamin C to repair our bodies such as healing wounds,Bowl Movement and it helps to reduce Stress within ourselves.

Vitamin C is a water Soluble Vitamin,this means it’s not stored by the body.

2 B Complex/Vitamin B:

Vitamin B,their are a few of them like B6,B12 and more,they have their own uses on different parts of the body,and memory is one of them.

Vitamin B is a water Soluble vitamin.

Whole living is a very informative website on health.

Here’s a useful link on more about B Complex

3 Lecithin:

You may not have heard of Lecithin,but it does play a part in memory.

Lecithin protects the body’s nerves by coating the ends in a protective layer,which is a fatty acid like substance.

Not Recommended.

If for instance you want to Study and Learn to help you pass an Exam or a Course,then the following
Might come as a surprise.


Sugar can dull your mind,and will give you energy for a short time,but then you feel a decline in sharpness of the mind,this isn’t good,if you are studying.

So if you need to study keep away from sugar,it’s fine to have any other time,in moderation.

You can still have a drink,but best not to have it with sugar.

Meal Times:

Meal times,just as if you were going for a swim,you need to let your body Rest and Digest,before Studying.

Your mind can’t be at its best if your Digestive system is dealing with your Breakfast or Lunch.

So give your self time to rest.


Relaxation/Meditation can have a big impact in helping our minds and bodies.

Deep Relaxation is good for reducing Stress,and improving our breathing,by slowing down the body,you are more able to absorb information better.

The mind works better if their is no stress.

A tip on Basic Relaxation is to sit on a chair,and visualise your parts of the body,and feel each part,such as your feet touching the floor,or your bottom resting on the chair.

And do the same for all parts of your body,just take more notice of everything about your self,your mouth,your eyes and everything that’s a part of you.

Your hands,arms,shoulder and kneck.

Try and do this for 3 minutes each day,once or twice a day,should be Sufficient.

You will notice after about 3-5 days that your breathing will become more smoother and shallower.

Meditation is good for the mind and body.

So regular practice is best.

This will help with memory and concentration.

I hope you have found everything useful in helping you.

More coming soon