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Blackpool/Liverpool Trip,Georgian Hollies Hotel Room,

Trips and Excusions Visited. Posted on Sat, February 21, 2015 11:10:17

Blackpool/Liverpool Trip.Hotel Room.

Im back with more photos,this time with views from within the hotel room at The Georgian Hollies Hotel.

I wont chat to much,just briefly.

Take a look at them below.

Very Smart and Tidy.

Ah the TV,we only watched the BBC news,mainly and on the last night
we watched American Pie,enjoyed the movie with a glass of wine,Bud,and Chocolates.

Cosy Chair for your coat.

As you can see,the room was very spacious,clean and tidy,we didn’t bring alot
but we had plenty of draw space,Wardrobe space,and enough room in the bathroom for your toiletries.

I didn’t really use my draw space,everything i had was kept in the suit case,apart from trousers and jumpers,it was nice to have plenty of draw space.

Coffee,Tea anyone,the coffee was Kenco,and Tea was PG Tips,we had quite a few cuppas and we did run out,Staff were nice when we asked for more and replaced with no problem.
I drank more coffee in a few days than i normally do,i enjoyed kenco very much.

Toilets,Shower and Sink. Gleaming away.

Luxury Time.

Faultless,clean everywhere.

Thank you for taking the time to read my blog,and i hope you have benefited from
seeing the continuous information i place on the blog.

Their will be more,keep checking.

Enjoy Life,Be safe.

Blackpool/Liverpool Trip

Trips and Excusions Visited. Posted on Sat, February 14, 2015 19:22:02

Blackpool/Liverpool Trip.Recapturing Moments on Week Saturday 7th Feb,Our Last Night.

Just been thinking back to a Week Saturday 7th Feb,Our Last Night.

About this time last Saturday,we were had finished tea,and popped back to our room,and debated whether to go down for a drink,and pool,yes yes was the answer,American Pie was on at 9 pm and with chocolate and bottle of wine waiting for us,it rounded the night off for us.

We enjoyed our time in Blackpool at The Georgian Hollies Hotel,and even though it was for 2 nights,it was good to have a break.

Today is Valentines Day,so thinking back to our time,here is good for the mind,and Body.

We all need a break from time to time,so the trip was needed.

In away the trip was our Valentines Day,spread over a couple of days,enjoyed very much.

Enjoy Life,Be safe.

Blackpool/Liverpool Trip

Trips and Excusions Visited. Posted on Fri, February 13, 2015 15:44:05

Blackpool/Liverpool Trip. inside the Hotel.

The Georgian Hollies Hotel inside.

This is the Reception and View we received when we got of the
Coach,the staff gave us a loverly welcome,signed us in,then gave
Us our key.

Time to unwind and enjoy the sights.

Nice and Cosy,below.

Show me to the Bar and Dance Floor.

we spent a couple of nights having lager and Budweiser,and then
Shooting pool,i wasnt to bad,my partner with out trying
Kept snookering me,lucky.

The Rugby was on so a good excuse to shoot pool and be merry.

As you can see from all the photos
Here,everything was really clean and tidy.

Blackpool/Liverpool Trip

Trips and Excusions Visited. Posted on Thu, February 12, 2015 17:03:39

Blackpool/Liverpool Trip.Meals.

As seen in my first post,i gave a description of our visit to Blackpool.

I didnt mention where we stayed,sorry about that.

We stayed at The Georgian Hollies Hotel.

The Coach Trip was provide by David Urquhart Travel.

The food was supereb and The Staff were very Proffessional.

I will be uploading lots of Photos taken of the Hotel,Food,and sights
around Blackpool,and The Liverpool Excursion.

To Start off this adventure,just a few photos of the food.

I enjoyed this meal,just like all of them,this one was Grilled Haddock,Parsley Sauce
and Boiled Potatoes with Peas.

Yummy,Strawberry Ghatoe with Cream,very nice.

Meal Times.

Breafast 8.30am.

You have a choice of Cerals followed by
a full English Breakfast,withToast and
a Pot of Tea or Coffee.

Teatime 6.00 pm.

A starter Meal.
Main Course like the above.
Desert just like the yummy one above.

You will be advised with a check list at breakfast.

I enjoyed every meal at The Georgian Hollies
the service was of a high standard.

Enjoy Life Besafe.